Donating Money Rules and Beliefs

I just watched a money class lesson and I had a moment that kind of blew my mind. I’ve been automatically donating 10% of my income to wherever I feel like donating it to every single time I’m paid for years. I picked this up from a few different prosperity consciousness teachers, I’m wondering if it’s really necessary now. I felt like if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t circulate money back to me, so at times I did give from obligation, but it was never a purchase or debit from my account I regretted, since I would donate it in the direction of wherever I felt it was needed most, a charity I felt was important, or in whatever direction I’d received the most comfort from, like when I’d donate to a Buddhist sangha I’d visited while traveling that brought me more peace or to a friend that needed extra support that month for whatever reason. My husband always questioned this practice, but I’d ingrained it so deeply, I told him it was a non-negotiable. For the first time I’m questioning why I decided it was a non-negotiable. However, I do have a much better life now financially than I did when I started the practice. But if I feel it’s always something that must be done when I receive money, is it coming from a place of scarcity or abundance?