Been There, Done That, What’s Next?

Wow Brooke,
I reached V.I.P. status this month. Thanks so much for the intro video that gave me the courage to start where I am. I felt like I failed to engage the last six months. I was consuming it nearly daily, thanks to podcasts, but the pen to paper work wasn’t getting done. I did do some work mentally, how could I not, when you present all these divinely inspired questions.
So the VIP video said to me, it’s ok, start where you are. A weight was lifted and I said ok, I will.
I just finished page one of the Stop Overeating video series. Taking notes all the way through. So many great a-ha moments. The 4 C’s is a perfect recipe for success. I had already dabbled with the intermittent fasting and it kind of worked, but now I can see why it didn’t really work and the result was replacing overeating with some other buffers. It definitely went that way for me, having not done the model along side it. The video on ‘Shifting Your Pleasure for Food’, gave me great insight as to why my life is so dull and uneventful. I spend a lot of my pleasure doing food, mentally and physically, with negative emotions as the return on my investment. What an eye opener! The reference to Penn’s insight on “maybe I have had enough of that type of pleasure” is what really brings page one’s videos home for me.
What if I can check ‘food pleasure’ off the bucket list now, been there, done that, what’s next?
I have been searching for this little nugget that I can carry with me. Now that I am starting where I am, what other choice is there? I can’t go back. I watched this page of videos once before, somehow I missed it. Did you hear the click? Thanks for all you do and share.
Julia Hunsinger