Why don’t you answer my questions??

Ok, this stuff is good, but you don’t answer my questions. I posted a question not long ago, and it’s not answered, and you’ll say post it again, but it’s kind of annoying, to be honest, cos I took a while to write it in the first place and I didn’t save my writings or anything. It’s not the first time this has happened. Maybe you need some kind of system for making sure they all get answered? Even the tricky ones, which I expect mine was, cos it was about explaining in more depth how to allow urges. So here it is again: can you explain how to allow urges in a way that is practical, and things I can actually DO, as opposed to “making space for them” and “not resisting them” and all the other kind of nebulous stuff about allowing urges? I don’t get the difference between allowing an urge and resisting it, because ultimately both require not responding to it. Many thanks.