I don’t even know what to ask…

Hi Brooke,

I’m a bit on the struggle bus these days. I had emailed Erika and requested to end my subscription, because I was feeling frustrated and upset with some of the things I heard from you in a past podcast. I also have hired a business coach, which is another $425 a month, and none of this is money I actually have at the moment. Thank you Visa. I told myself I needed a more personal approach than the group process here. However, I know for sure I would never have decided to hire the business coach if I weren’t doing SCS; I can recognize I’ve gained valuable things here. I also have a hunch that I have some stories about money that are creating some real discomfort around the idea of committing to a program that costs $300 per month.
Anyway, when I changed my mind via another email to Erika (or Kim?) I requested a little guidance to make sure I’m getting the most out of the program. It was suggested I make use of Ask Brooke. So here I am, even though I’m not really asking a question. I’ve written some models on this, and I think it comes down to not feeling good enough. The actual models feel a bit embarrassing to post here so I’m going to refrain from that. But one thing I will say is that I’ve decided to stick around, because I don’t want my bruised ego to be the one making the decisions.
Thanks for your hard work — whatever your content may be, I am always inspired by your fire.