Why don’t I get my way

You asked me ages ago to do a model on why I always give in and I have struggled with this. I feel like I give in because I want to keep the peace, because my husband is relentless and will never give up until he gets what he wants. This time it is a boat, before that it was a very expensive car, a bigger house, a wine cellar, it never ends. I said no way to the boat (I am surprised he hasn’t actually bought it anyway). Every model I do says he worked hard, has time to enjoy life now and I should let him be happy. But I am embarrassed that we are constantly acquiring things, our life seems very materialistic, and I want him to stop buffering with buying things. (He has bought a lot and we live a good life but it feels like a character flaw to me that he wants so much.)
Model 1
C: Boat
T: We don’t need more stuff
F: Stressed that he will be mad
A: Tell him to wait a year and see
R: No boat but he isn’t happy

He has worked hard and it will be fun
Nervous but yes, of course it will be fun
Buy boat
Fun boat trips (but huge cost, ongoing expenses, maintenance, stress — I can’t get over this)

Probably I am doing the model wrong but thought I would just try! Dare of the day and all!