Don’t judge your decisions

In the video series under “The Power of Emotion,” Brooke talks about that we should not judge a decision as right or wrong, good or bad, either before or after we make it. Perhaps this is addressed in more detail elsewhere, but it seems ineffective to never re-evaluate situations and decide if what we’re doing is working. It may be that this does not require a “value” judgement of the “rightness” of the decision, and only the desirability of the results.

She also says we should always decide that our decision is correct and that we should not think about decisions. I would like to better understand the context in which one should not think about decisions. It seems there is a delicate balance between making an utterly uninformed decision and overthinking/overanalyzing a decision. I don’t think she is advocating flipping a coin or doing no research whatsoever, but clearly I’m already overthinking this.