Don’t know how to think about this situation


On Saturday, my friends and I went to see what was supposed to be a traditional Indian dance show. From the start, everything was wrong. The staff receiving the tickets were not there. The music was Indian/Rap/Techno. There were few traditional costumes, and the dances consisted of jumping/rap/Cheerleading. The show was disastrous, and I felt upset. I was even upset to be upset. It was supposed to be a fun, and exciting afternoon (Brooke recommends to be compassionate when that happens. I missed it entirely!).
Brooke also says:
• Be curious why you are making that choice, why you are choosing to think that thought
How could I do that, in the moment? Was it really a choice to be upset? What could have been a more neutral thought, considering the circumstances? What other choice of thought could I have made in the moment? And how could I be curious about it? (I am not sure I understand that).

Thanks for your input.