Hi Brooke,
My husband and I have been struggling since we sold our home a few days ago. I am so anxious about our future and don’t know how to do the model around it. I want to relax into it and just enjoy the process, but I am having trouble doing this. We have 2 acres, 1 with a house, 1 is a lot (arena & paddocks for our horses). We split the 2 acres, the first one sold for $475,000. The 2nd acre is for sale for $395K. We have a 1st and 2nd mortgage totaling $375,000, which will be paid. All said and done, we are netting out $70K. Until the 2nd acre sells, we can’t afford another house. I’m having a panic attack about this. We have lived here 18 years, 2 horses, 2 dogs and a house full of stuff! No where to go!!!!

We wanted to split our time between Phoenix and Durango. I love Phoenix and my husband loves Durango. He now doesn’t want to go to Phoenix and I am not sure we can handle the snow in Durango in the winter. At this point, renting is an option, but it’s soooo high $2,000 per month or higher. This will take all of our money if our other acre doesn’t sell. We have $50K in credit card debt at this point.

I am struggling with the fear of not knowing where we’ll end up. First time in my life I have felt helpless and depressed about not knowing where we are going to live.

My model around this is (unintentional)
C: Sold our house
T: Now what? Where do we go? What about the horses? (we will take them with us no matter what)
F: OMG – Fear, anxiety
A: Worrying all the time
R: Not focusing on a place to live (because we can’t decide on location)

Intentional Model (this is really how I want to think)
C: Sold our house
T: So awesome that our mortgage’s will be paid off
F: Relief
A: Let’s start a new life by designing our new life
R: Gaining clarity on where we want to live and moving forward

I need some help in gaining some clarity about our future. I can just blow it off and hope for the best, or I can deliberately create our life with our animals, even with little money until we sell our other acre. What if it doesn’t sell quick enough?

I am a new coach and I’m so distracted about this that I am not working on my business either!

I know there is alot going on here and there seems to be only my scattered thoughts. Sorry about that.

Thanks so much for listening to me.