I don’t like leaving my house

I keep telling myself that this is not causing me a problem, but it’s becoming more obvious that it is causing me a problem. I don’t like leaving my house during the week. I save all my errands for the weekend when my husband can either do them or go with me. I’ve been telling myself that it’s because the weather is rainy and I’ve made my house so cozy and inviting that I just like being here. Yesterday I planned today and included shopping for a new purse as a reward for diligently following my protocol and losing weight in January. I also need to pick up something I ordered online and do some grocery shopping. I got up and got dressed and stood at the top of my stairs but would not go down them. That’s when I decided it was a problem. I’ve been running a model.

C= I won’t leave the house during the week to run errands
T = It’s warm and cozy at home and I have lots to stay busy with
F = Safe
Action = I make good use of my time at home
Results=I don’t get things done that need to be done and I push them onto my husband

C= I won’t leave the house during the week to run errands
T = I am Wonder Woman and I am so powerful I can do anything I want
F = Scared and determined
A = I put on my shoes and get my wallet and walk out to the car
R= I go to TJ Maxx, Party City and Target and get the things I need for this week

I think this is a good thought – but it’s not getting me out the door – it sounds like anxiety to me, but I didn’t even know that I was bothered by anxiety. How do you make your brain manage anxiety?