I don’t like having sex!

I’ve been very happily married for 20 years, with one exception. My husband I and pretty much have sex once a week, but it is a huge struggle for me. I don’t enjoy being physically touched. I can literally feel my body recoiling inside. Which is crazy, because it should be good sex. My husband is very kind and gentle with me and I always have an orgasam. The only time it feels slightly less hard for me is when I’m ovulating, but other than that my body does not feel good before, during or after. So of course my thoughts around sex are not positive. It is something I do out of obligation. I’ve tried doing thought work, but I can’t seem to overcome the physical feelings in my body. They are so strong. The two positive thoughts I hang onto are: that I do feel a more intimate connection with my husband after we’ve had sex, and that I know he enjoys it. But those haven’t made sex any more enjoyable for me. For a long time I’ve felt I should change my thoughts around sex, but over and over I’m met with the thought that I don’t want to change my thoughts around sex. I’m tired of feeling so emotionally and physically bad about this. I’m all in on your advice. Thank you Brooke.