Don’t really get hungry??

Hi Brooke! I’m new to scholars but have been a long time reader/listener of your teachings. I’m giving all my focus to weight loss right now–I will have lost almost 30 pounds by the end of March. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting and it hasn’t been too difficult. I’m also practicing choosing high fat/veggies over sugar and flour with a bit more struggle. The way I’m viewing it is that IF tells me when to eat, protocol tells me what to eat, and the hunger scale tells me how much (and when) to eat. That’s all background info.

My real question is that it doesn’t seem like my hunger levels are useful as far as helping me decide how much and when to eat. When intermittent fasting, I’ll eat dinner around 6:30pm. I’ll feel some hunger (-2 maybe) around 10pm but choose to roll with it instead of eating and fast through mid-morning the next day. But I’m finding that after that late night hunger…I really don’t feel any hunger. For example, right now I’m at about 20 hours since my last meal…and I don’t feel hungry. It’s time to break my fast but I’m not sure how much to eat since I don’t feel any hunger at all. (Of course, I still have cravings so it’s not like I’m not interested in eating and will starve to death.) Is this normal? Are my hunger levels out of whack? Advice?

Thank you! I’m loving scholars so far.