I don’t want to lose weight

Hi Brooke,
My question is a bit out of the ordinary weight loss question. I joined Scholars because I love your podcasts and wanted to focus on money. As I’ve read other Ask Brooke questions, I became intrigued by the various concepts (intermittent fasting, fat adaptation, no sugar/no flour, etc…) so I’ve been watching the Stop Overeating videos. I’ve stopped eating sugar and flour and am focusing my meals on veggies, fat and some protein. I find that I’m not hungry until mid morning or noon and so I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry.

My question is this–I’m already thin (5’9″, 135 lbs, 38 years old and athletic). I don’t want to lose any weight but I’d like to continue with the protocol above but I don’t want to lose weight. Do you think I will? Any recommendations to follow this protocol but maintain my current weight? Thanks in advance!