Don’t want my legs to get bigger

C: sensation of muscles in legs being sore
T: I don’t want my legs to get bigger
F: resistance
A: I stop going to the gym, stop doing squats, don’t get into a routine
R: my legs don’t get bigger

Okay fine. But I want my booty to get bigger and I want the rest of my body toned. Let’s put that in the R line.

In order to take the actions below, I’d have to believe that it’s POSSIBLE to go to the class I like and build glutes instead of quads

C desire to grow glutes instead of quads
T I know exactly how to grow my glutes without growing quads
F confident / determined
A go to gym, get into routine, modify squats in class so internet glutes, research what exercises I can do for glutes specifically, try some glute activation exercises
R i work on getting a booty bigger and body toned without growing quads

Only thing is, I don’t ACTUALLY believe that thought completely. Perhaps some bridges will help.

But like, am I supposed to just not care if my legs get bigger?

I guess it’s just a preference to work on booty rather than quads, that takes out some of the charge.

I’m trying on some new thoughts but feel stuck.