DOTD: B- Work on my podcast

OK I need to write this here so I don’t go back on my word.

My dare of the day is to NOT re-record the podcast episode I have already recorded twice and that I think is not perfect.
This is how it will go out! It’s good enough. I can’t be redoing and redoing stuff in the illusory name of perfection. I got more stuff to do!

What’s vulnerable about this is that I work really hard on my podcast episodes and have had great feedback about the quality, and I worry that if I let my guard down and lower my standards by a fraction of an inch, people will notice and be disappointed and think less of the podcast/me.

BUT I am providing amazing value with this podcast and helping many people with it, and as long as the message is delivered, who cares if I fumbled a little along the way, right?

I realize it’s a frequent theme in my work life; it’s a flavor of the impostor’s syndrome. My fear is that people are going to suddenly change their mind about me and realize, meh, she’s not all I thought she was, and move on to the next blog/podcast/book.

I have to be willing to experience that rejection, right, even if that actually happened? And really believe in my gut that it won’t be the end of my world if I lose all of my readers/listeners/supporters overnight? Is that what the work is about?