Double checking how to fill out the model correctly every time

I’m not 100% certain about the amount of things that I am supposed to put in each line of the model. Here’s how I understand it:

-The C line can have multiple(?) things as long as they are facts that “can be proven in court” and are directly relevant to your T and F lines
-The T line should only have 1 thought or sentence. Every additional thought you want to examine should be placed in its own model
-The F line should have only 1 specific feeling(?) ** This one I really struggle with because I’m always tempted to list of 2-3 emotions for each thought I’m examining… is that something I should avoid doing?
-The A line can have multiple things actions long as they are directly tied to the T and F lines
-The R line should be…. strictly 1 result?

Please let me know if I am misunderstanding how to do this. Thanks!