Double Diamond Quiet Brain

C: Husband says, “I didn’t marry a yes woman. What is your opinion?”
T: there are no should’s or should not’s
F: ambivalent
A: see the meaningless of it all; see that it will be 50:50 either way and, by the way, His choice is false dichotomy; there are endless options; I do not formulate opinion;
R: offer no opinion

C: I notice my thought: “I used to have opinions.”
T: This is the product of scholars work.
F: peace
A: recognize the meaningless of all of it-there is nothing to worry about; decide that it’s okay that I have less to offer in terms of opinions and advice; notice my Ts have changed over the last two years in scholars; Continue to monitor my thoughts
R: Be a person who observes her thoughts.

Do my models check out? Are others observing a quieter mind and being less vocal? Curious.