Double Dog Dare!

Hi Brooke,

I’m the woman who was worried about weight loss after having a lap band removed several months ago. Well I had it removed along with my gall bladder and after years of not being able to eat many foods like bread, I was able to eat anything I wanted in any amount I wanted. I promised myself before the surgery that this would be a fresh start. But after having this newfound “freedom”, I kinda went a little crazy.

So, I’m up a few pounds and I stopped the crazy train before it went too far off course. I created my protocol and I’m double dog daring myself to follow my protocol no matter what from now until February when I meet you for the masterclass (which I am THRILLED about). I would love to be down 20 lbs. by then but the real reason I want to do this is so that when I go into your class, I will have experienced a significant amount of time doing my protocol and I’m sure screwing up a few times while learning about my thoughts. I know this will be super challenging for me and I tend to not stick with things long term so I’m working on changing my patterns and creating new responses to urges, especially during the holiday months. I think this will be a great way to maximize the class. And, of course, I’m writing you to further ink the commitment to myself and create an additional layer of accountability.

Is there anything else I should consider in doing this that you would suggest?

Can’t wait to meet you as a Diamond member!