Double vision

Hi Brooke,
i have developed double vision. I have had all the testing done. There is no explanation for it and nothing serious causing it. I will have to live with it. Glasses are helping, but people are noticing that I look crosseyed and this is cauing me to think thoughts that cause me pain. I am also having a hard time reading – this is making it harder to do my job and reading is one of my favorite activities. Iā€™m struggling to see this as a neutral circumstance and find myself upset, tearful and isolating. Please advise.
C: double vision
T: this sucks
F: angry, irritable, sad
A: cry, thinks about how bad it is
R: really does suck to have double vision

Im ok with feeling the sad and angry and irritable feelings, but i dont want to stay here forever and am wanting to find a path forward.