Doubling Income Follow Up

Hi – you coached me yesterday in the VIP call about not becoming an entrepreneur, but still doubling my income this year. I was so energized after the call and could feel by brain opening up. But this morning a case of reality set in. I feel like I can barely manage everything that is already on my plate as it is. So adding in freelance work or finding more part-time work feels crazy. Finding a full-time job that pays twice as much in my area also seems unlikely. I know I need to put my brain to work in solving this problem, but how else can I think about it? Here’s the model I ran. I mostly believe my new thought, but not not entirely when applies to this circumstance. Would love your input. Jill

C: Goal of doubling income (not sure if this is actually a C or an R)
T: I can’t fit more in to my existing schedule
F: Defeated, hopeless
A: Keep muddling through my full schedule that yields not much pay
R: Income and life stay the same

C: Goal of doubling income
T: ?? I’m a creative problem solver, I can figure this out
F: Empowered
A: Focused, intentional, targeted work
R: Income doubles