Doubt at work

Hi Brook and team,

Many thanks for all the content that you create, still love it more and more after 6 months in Scholars!

I have started to work in a new firm since Wednesday and when they gave me actual tasks to do, the exact same negative thoughts as in my previous job came back. I was really motivated before I started and now I really want to stay motivated but I am struggling with the negative thoughts in the back of my head, which are for example « what if they discover that I am actually not as good as they thought », « my English is not good enough, I am not sure of what I am writing is correct and it is really not good for someone in the legal field », « I am too slow », « I will again finish late and I really don’t want to », « maybe this job is not right for me and I will never become a partner of the firm », « If I leave early, my colleagues will think that I am not a hard worker and that I am not good at my job, they might not like me because I leave earlier than they do »….

And these kinds of thoughts are coming all day long. I know it creates the opposite result as the one I would like to have:

Unintentional model:
C: my boss asks me to do something
P: I would like to give him a great piece of work but I am not sure that I will be able to do it and it will take me a lot of Time
E: doubt, anxiety
A: over thinking, eating my nails, dreaming about being on my coach eating or dreaming about being rich doing another job and on holiday, buffer with Instagram
R: loosing Time, taking more Time to do the task, not being focused on the task and finishing late with mediocre piece of work.

The result that I would like to have:
Being efficient, providing work of high quality, having a promotion and finishing work at 7pm.

However, I am struggling with alternative thoughts that would help me, do you have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance !!!