Doubting my strenghts and weaknesses


I have been with my boyfriend for several months now. He does not manage to communicate, express how he feels for me or what he expects from the future. I have made a lot of efforts to talk to him, even threatening to break up but nothing changes. He is more communicative with his (male) friends or at work (to which he dedicates a lot of time) than with me.

When I do a model, my thought line is: He is kind of shy with his emotions that is why
F: I try to be compassionnate
A: I stay with him
R: I accept his behavior.

The problem is I want more and being shown that I am loved, and his actions undermine my confidence as a strong woman. I sometimes feel like I am stuck in this relationship without any hold on it.

How should I work more on the model to make him change his behavior without being hurt and feeling weak?