Down 7.2 lbs.!

What did it feel like when you went below your Ideal weight? You mentioned not liking it so you gained a couple pounds and felt better. Then I assume that place was your ideal weight to maintain? Once you hit your ideal weight and continue to IF, what fat/fuel is your body dining in on?

I have lost 7.2 lbs. in just under 6 weeks! My protocol to obtain this weight loss has been- No sugar no flour, only a couple drinks that were planned. Fast until noon ( except two cups of coffee with cream) and only eat between noon and 8pm. Vegetables, proteins, little grains and healthy fats ( avocados, butter, skin from meat). I haven’t set a time limit to achieve ideal goal weight because not sure what that is. 5’6” started at 146.6 and weighed 139.4 this morning. Haven’t seen the 130’s in 5 years. Initially I thought 135 would be ideal but what would be scary and hard would be 129. Heard on videos that the last 10 lbs you have to get super intoned in protocol. Will I know if plateau or have hit ideal weight? I know you say only I know what ideal weight would be for myself but I am looking to hear how others knew when they hit it. Thank you!