Download downer part 2

Hi again,
Yesterday I wrote about my downloads dragging me too far down. I read a bunch of posts here and this morning I tried a different approach. Instead of writing single thoughts “I am afraid I will never …”, I wrote stream of consciousness about what is going on right now.
I was surprised to find that there are still thoughts there to pull out and do models on.
I took the sentence “I know the things on my to do list are scary and I am resisting them” and worked on the thought: the things on my to do list are scary.
Doing it like this allowed me to move away from a long list of fear/anxiety/stress etc. and it feels better.
An aside: Every time I start to write you I find the answer as I imagine your response. This is a powerful reminder of the idea that we know what we need to know. Then it becomes about doing the work, following through with this process you are taking us through.
You weren’t joking when you said this is for people who are truly committed. I am understanding what that means every day.
Thanks so much. No longer bumming in NYC. 🙂