Downloads & Models on Attractiveness and Dating

I welcome your feedback on what I’ve written below.

– I’m not attractive without eye makeup, especially with a mask on.
– Online dating is a joke.
– These men would probably never pay attention to me. (regarding men I saw while hanging out yesterday)
– I wish those men would notice me. (regarding the same men from above)
– I’ve always found a reason why men wouldn’t be interested in me.
– I don’t want to look 40 because I make it mean that I am out of the dating pool because of the thought that good looking men are more apt to be into the younger women.
– I expect to be disappointed.
– I expect to be ignored on these sites by the men I am interested in.
– I expect to hop on these sites and see ugly men reaching out to me, uninteresting men.

C – No makeup on most days I go out with mask.
T – I’m not attractive without eye makeup, especially with a mask on.
F – Insecure
A – No eye contact. No talking to men. Wish I were invisible. Avoid reflections of me.
R – No dates, no growth in male friendships, don’t do anything to improve myself

C – I have multiple online dating profiles.
T – I expect to be disappointed.
F – Disappointed
A – Avoid the sites. Think online dating is a joke. Review all disappointments.
R – No advancement in love, sex, dating life.

C – No dating prospects
T – Everything is working out.
F – At Ease
A – Smile easily with or without makeup. Soften my eyes. On the sites every other day.
R – Dating is easy for me. I go on dates within 48 hrs of wanting to.