DP model difficulty, mrc

I am having a problem with my drink plan and model. What is very interesting is that every time I have a drink plan I will drink 1 more glass past my plan. It doesn’t matter if I put 3 down, I will drink 4 or if I write 4 down I will drink 5. Sometimes more because after that it is all down hill. When I don’t have a drink plan then I don’t drink.
My model is:
C Drink Plan
T More is better, one more won’t matter
F. Relief, relaxed
A. Drink more
R. Overdrink on my drink plan. Fell like crap.
So I am trying to get a thought (an intentional thought) that resonates with me but having a hard time…
C. Drink Plan
T. More is not better as it turns out (tongue in cheek, felt like shit last time remember?)
F. Anxious
A struggle with above thought
R ??