Dr appt – model

Hi Brooke!
Last October we took our 7 year old in for her annual dr appt and her bmi was just over the normal range and into the overweight category. I have struggled with this on and off ever since. The goal was to have her stay the same weight for a year but I have a feeling she has gained a little. I am so conscious of what I feed my kids and try my best to get grandmas on board. I’m dreading this upcoming annual appointment and have done maybe 4 models on it an just need an outside perspective.

C: daughter has annual appt coming up
T: her BMI will still be in overwt category or a little higher and my efforts have failed.
F: shame and panic
A: I over control food when the grandmas have her. I feel guilty every time she eats sugar. I ruminate about this and visualize the dr judging me.
R: I will be overly anxious before the appt and then read into everything the dr says to prove I failed and she agrees.

C: daughter has annual appt coming up
T: I will be a model to my daughter about self love and living a full life without food buffering.
F: empowerment, light and love (my purpose)
A: I continue on my health journey and model what commitment and determination looks like. I walk into the appt strong and I have my own and my daughter’s back with clear thoughts.
R: I see all the good I’m doing leading up to the appt. I also focus on all the goodness in the appt. I have faith in my and her journey to health.

This feels suuuper vulnerable to share but I know that I have to show up and do the work!

Any thoughts?