Dr Sarno and yesterday’s (Friday 1st of dec) coaching call

Hi Brooke, loved yesterday’s call and had a big insight after you coached the lovely fellow scholar on her back pain. Having lived with fatigue (CFS) for a good few years I have studied Dr Sarno’s work and really dig it. Although I’ve used the model a lot with my physical health and it has been AMAZING until yesterday I hadn’t really put his work and yours together to such a simple effect. Dr Sarno talks a lot about repressed rage and Freud etc which is super fascinating but I’ve realised can actually stop me from seeing the simplicity of what is happening in my brain regarding the fatigue. What if it really is as simple as a model?! For example:
C- I wake up in the morning
T- How tired do I feel?
F- Anxious, worried
A- Look for fatigue

What I’ve also seen is that, in the intentional model, its not about finding a better feeling thought about my health or my body- its actually stepping out of the entire loop system around my health. By seeing it through this lens I really get why any thought about my health perpetuates the idea that there’s a ‘better’ to get when there’s actually nothing wrong with my body in the first place and its been my brain that’s been proving itself right by recreating the fatigue over and over. This is BLOWING MY MIND right now!

Would love to hear some more of your takeaway from Dr Sarno’s work- is it as simple as the model? And do you have any tips as to how to stay out of the health mind loop when the fatigue feels very real?! Excited. THANK YOU!! ❤️❤️