Draining friend

I had/have a friend, and I am not sure what to do.
We use to speak every week at the start of the week, and tell each other what our goals for the week were, personal and business. We did this every week for 10 years.
The problem was that what started off as a quick check in, ended up being nearly 3 hours each week. Plus, there were more and more topics that were off limits.

She was married and I was single when we first started doing this, then the last few years, I was in a happy relationship and she was unhappily divorced.
My business was growing and hers couldn’t get off the ground.

She felt resentful of me, but never said it out loud. But it was very obvious.
I would cheer her up, give advice and she would feel great afterwards. Meanwhile I would be left feeling drained for days.

I would give her suggestions and the names of books and courses that I found helpful. But she wouldn’t do those things. She would just say things like ‘something else that won’t work for me’.

Finally in January I told her I couldn’t do these calls any more. I didn’t go into details as to why. She just said ‘fine’ and we haven’t’ been in touch since.
It was hard for me to do, but I was really proud of myself.
Since then my life has gone from strength to strength and I joined scholars! which has been very powerful for me.

The problem is, she has started to leave comments on my FB posts, and I am starting to feel like she wants to be back in my life. She is a nice person, but just not good for me any more.

What do I do?
Somehow I feel responsible for her and her happiness and success.
thank you.