Alright…kinda know the answer here, but looking for confirmation that I’m on the right path.

I am very good friends with my daughter in law’s mom and I have been for years. Recently myself, her, my daughter, and her daughters were in a group text discussing the upcoming baby shower for my daughter in law. My friend responded in the group text a comment that was not meant for the group. She was clearly in a different text talking crap about me but she mistakingly wrote it in the text I was in. Her comment was “she cares more about her coaching business than she does about this baby shower”. I’ve been upset and hurt about it. She was horrified and called me to apologize, but the tension is still there and there was a lot of uncomfortableness at the shower. I’ve done a lot of work on myself and model thought work and just can’t seem to work through this one. I love asking myself “so what if she thinks that way” because the “so what” always leads me back to my story and thoughts I’m telling myself and I can process and move on. I’m choosing to stay in this feeling of betrayal and all my thoughts are telling me to forgive, but never trust her.

Cant wait to hear back from you.