What to do when the drama of wanting to eat sets in

Hi Brooke!

I am diving in head first into the “How to Stop Overeating” workshop and am ALL IN. I mean, ALL IN. I developed my protocol, am committed to following it, and am doing OK so far (ahhh – day 2!) My question is – what do you do when the drama sets in? Meaning, I committed to not eating snacks. When you said that we treat hunger like it is an emergency really resonated with me. So I keep telling myself this isn’t an emergency. And I keep hearing you say “the rest is just drama” – and I am telling myself that too. The drama is consuming my brain. The question is, how do I find whatever belief it is causing the drama? When I try to apply the model, all I can hear is my monkey brain saying “you aren’t thinking anything, you are hungry stupid!”