Hi! I’d like to be able to draw accurately. I’m a professional illustrator and when I draw from reality it’s not very accurate. I know it’s a thought. But it seems to me this is what I get on my paper.
I’d like to improve my skills, but every time I practice I get very frustrated and then I get discouraged to come back to my exercises.

C I draw from a photograph
T It’s not accurate
F frustrated
A criticize my drawing, judge myself, don’t draw again, don’t show my drawing
R I don’t improve my skills

C I draw from a photograph
T I decide to love my drawing and myself no matter how the exercise turns out
F love
A don’t judge me, look at the qualities of my drawing, congratulate myself, show it to other people, focus, draw without drama in my head
R I create a drawing practice that I love

I would highly appreciate your feedback! Thank you!