Dread and buffering

I’ve gained more awareness that I’m buffering a lot and feeling dread about my work. Kind of all of the time. I think about and worry about my work a lot which leads to feeling dread and then I buffer with lots of different things. I take actions I don’t want to be taking. Like spending money I don’t have to try to feel better. Or eating sugar or drinking alcohol. I really want to clean all of this up so I can be more present in my life and feel better and get different results.

C: I have a job
T: I am really not looking forward to going to work
F: dread
A: worry about it. Buffer with sugar, alcohol, overthinking, overspending, social media and the internet and helping my bf
R: I create a cycle of dreading work that I need to buffer against

Taking a stab at IM
C: I have a job
T: I wonder what’s going on for me that I always dread my work
F: curious
A: Open my mind to possibilities,
R: I get curious about myself and what’s going on