Dread dominant feeling

I’m finding I feel a lot of dread. Particularly around work. My colleague wants to start selling and taking on projects that we don’t have experience with and my thought is I really really do not want to. I am also afraid to tell him that. I also think I don’t know enough and I just do not want to. So much resistance and dread. My thought is I’ll do it wrong and be the reason someone loses money in their business. I think this is not worth the risk. I think we should keep doing what we know how to do.

I’ve heard it said that our desires are really important to honor. What about desire not to do something? This feels really terrible and I feel trapped and like I have to do this work that I don’t want to be doing. I am aware that I stay where I am because I am afraid to get another job. I believe I couldn’t make the amount of money I make where I am now and do work I’m confident in. When I look at job openings I don’t even give myself the chance because i think I can’t do what they’re advertising.

Should I work on my own thoughts about my own abilities and stop focusing on my job, projects, other jobs, etc?