Yesterday I had a tight feeling in my chest all day. I was anxious and overwhelmed by all the things I had to do for work and the extra things I added to my plate for the other areas of my life. I tried many strategies to work through the emotion and process it. Nothing made it go away. Last night I finally did one of the things I had to do—send an email to my client advising on multiple next steps and insurance recommendations.  After I finally sent that email I felt better and I know I didn’t want to do it because I was afraid of making a mistake.

Unintentional Model
C: follow up with client on next steps/insurance
T: I don’t want to make a mistake
F: dread
A: avoid sending email
R ?

What would you say was my result?  Next time I’d rather feel confident in these situations.  “I will do my best and if a mistake is made I’ll handle it” doesn’t really help me get to a place of confidence. Other ideas?  Thank you!