Dreading Things I Love

I’m a coach who coaches through written coaching and I check in with my clients daily (Like Ask A Coach but their own personal communication channel). I’ve done this for over a year now and have multiple clients who have stayed for more than a year.

I feel like this isn’t the way “traditional” coaching is done, like most coaching is in person, on a video platform, or the phone, so I spin in a lot of doubt and confusion around the effectiveness around it. (Yes, I see the irony of me asking for coaching here in written form 😂)

Because it’s not the most popular way to coach, each day I dread responding to my clients. My thoughts are:

I’m doing it wrong
I’m annoying them and wasting their time and money
No one wants to pay that much for written coaching
I should feel more comfortable at this by now
I’m a fraud

A Model:

C: It’s Time to do Coaching
T: “I’m going to do it wrong”
F: Anxious
A: Spin in confusion, avoid client work by buffering on social media or learning something new, rush through client responses, try to remove the anxiety by taking herbal supplements or drinking coffee, blame outside distractions for interrupting me, feel pressure as I run out of time during my allotted hour.
R: I do it “wrong” and get it done by gritting my teeth instead of having fun