Dream come true

I am weeks away from quitting my job and being home with my children to work on my husband’s business full time. I am so excited, this has been my dream and I can’t believe it’s here.

Unintentional Model

C Five weeks until quit job and be at home with children
T This is too good to be true
F Doubt? Hesitant?
A Second guess when to quit, look at our finances multiple times a day to see if we have “enough” to quit, then second guess purchases and wants in order to save, miss out on the present moment with family because I’m in my head “figuring” out if this will work. Don’t – focus on how proud and excited I am that we created this, don’t focus on the business and what I want to bring to it, don’t spend present moment time with my children and husband because I’m thinking about the what if’s, don’t create a list or plan of all of the things I will do when I am home.
R ? Don’t believe reality and create an experience I don’t want instead of experiencing my dream


C Five weeks until quit job and be at home with children
T I am so thankful for this opportunity
F Gratitude
A think about how proud I am of myself and husband for creating this reality in just the first quarter of the year, don’t worry about money instead I continue to have an intentional plan of how I want to use our money, start thinking about everything I want to do with our children and everything I want to bring to the business, think about the value I can provide being at home, I am so happy and excited and live fully in the moment of my dream of being home with my children
R Create an experience that I am so grateful for

Any suggestions on my models?

Thank you!!