Dream guy worth the wait

This is a model I run all the time, when I see friends adventuring with their dream-guy husband.

C: Single at 38
T: I’ll never find my adventure-buddy dream guy
F: Discouraged
A: Compare myself to those girls, downplay my strengths and attractiveness, focus on my lack of dream guy, envy, act insecure, feel sorry for myself, entertain guys who are definitely not my dream guy, act defeated, don’t take action in lots of areas of life
R: I’m not a very healthy adventure buddy to myself

This is an intentional model I’d like to run instead.
C: Single at 38
T: My adventure buddy dream guy husband is so worth the wait; I just haven’t found him yet.
F: Excited
A: Don’t buffer by overdating the wrong guys, exude positivity about myself and life, more selective in dating, happy for the relationships around me because they don’t take anything away from my possibilities, take more action in general to create the life I want
R: I make the most of my life while I wait to meet him.

Any suggestions or things to offer up to me? I’ve tried to believe before that I just hadn’t met him yet, but it hasn’t stuck yet.
Thank you!