I wonder if you have some insight or can help me with some dreams I’ve been having. I frequently dream my husband is leaving me, cheating on me or not in love with me anymore. I had the same dreams with my first real love as well. We have a toddler and new baby so our sex life is practically nonexistent and has been for the last few years as both babies have been very difficult sleeping in our bed and my husband also works shift work so time and energy is often lacking. I sometimes find porn sites open on his phone which make me feel even more insecure as I know I’m not satisfying him. But the dreams just make me feel so insecure and paranoid that I’m going to find out there’s another woman or he will leave me. I have zero evidence that this is a reality though! We have also had some close friends marriages breakdown from infidelity which they never saw coming so it plants seeds in my mind that ‘maybe I can’t see it coming’ also. I know this makes me feel ‘desperate’ and in some ways clingy which in the model produces the result of him wanting to be around me less, because who wants a desperate, insecure clingy wife?! But how do I stop the dreams?? I have been doing the Urge Jar program and have lost 7kg so far which is helping me feel more confident and attractive and I have another 8kg or so to go. I really want to get our sex life back on track and think that will help with connection with each other but I realize my thoughts need to change first?? Can you help poke me in the right direction and give me some steps to work through this please? Thank you so much