Dreams and things clicking

I consider myself fairly tidy but i have a tendency to keep little things (they’re so small) but then they all add up. Anyway, i was going through my little things and pairing it down. It must have triggered something in my brain because I dreamt that i was tidying up a house full of little nick-knacks. I remember thinking ‘why Am i tidying these thing up? I don’t need this stuff, reorganizating them isn’t going to make it the house less full of stuff’
I woke up and realized that almost every time i dream about a house it is FULL of stuff. I decided that by the end of the month i want even my dream houses to be full of a few great things. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Another thing – I was compelled to re-read ‘why you aren’t taking action’. I read it in August but haven’t touched since. It was SO neat going back and re-reading that book and my old notes. I came to one passage about the brain needing to re-wiring its self as things change. I obviously read it before but i had this huge ‘ah-ha’ moment.
I had known about this concept before and have reminded myself of it many time as i tried and successfully changed my tastes buds over to liking whole foods vs processed. And also in terms of muscle memory and absent minded eating. But I hadn’t even considered it in terms of my actual current thoughts. Obviously my brain wants to go the easy route! Obviously it’s going to take effort to pull it towards a new thought pattern and obviously it can be done. I’ve done it before with food likes and some other habbits.
Mind. Blown.
My thoughts these days have been sneaky.
I did a thought download to find out what was going on and all i got was ‘I’m thinking’ haha. Okay brain, think away.

One last quick thing: today i had a small/big win. I get anxiety sometimes when going into social situations or new places. Today my goal was to drop off some donations to a charity. My brain was like ‘I have a better idea – you should throw the stuff out so you don’t have to talk to anyone, they probably don’t want your stuff anyway, plus what if something insane happens??’ It was a strong pull to throw out the stuff. Thankfully i had heard you and some of the other coaches talk about desire recently on calls and because of that i was able to have that thought, observe it, feel that desire and at the same time realise that what it is saying isn’t in line with how i want to live. From there I knew i was going to have to do the action while that thought rolled around in my mind. I made a loving space for it knowing my brain is being ultra overprotective and i have to practice not giving in to that desire of listening to it.
I dropped the stuff off. The place looked closed at first and my brain was like ‘SEE! You SHOULD have thrown it out this was a TERRIBLE idea!’ but i tried the door, it was opened. The people were super happy for the donations, i was happy i didn’t simply throw them out and Also that I no longer had them in my house. I was so pleased with myself.

Seriously, the tools we’re learning in SCS are game-changers. Thank you thank you thank you!