Drink plan follow up

Hi! I have a follow up question to the one posted below re drink plan. You suggest planning 36 hours in advance instead of 12 (full half day before evening and when no urge present) – I’m curious why? My resistance to this is I used to be a huge restrictor of food and would make detailed food plans way ahead of time and stick to them regardless – but they were strict and unconnected to what really supported me. I know food and booze are different but I feel like the day and a half ahead of time planning feels unconnected to life and reminds me of my old strict patterns. How can I really answer what I’ll feel before during and after when I’m not even sure on what’s going on that day ?? On a related subject I’ve been meaning to ask re the questions how will I feel before during and after – is the intent to create intentional thoughts that produce better outcomes??