Drink Plans and Fat Adaptation

Hey Brooke.
I am following both the Stop Overdrinking and the Stop Overeating plans because I heard you say that you recommend we tackle them both at the same time if we can. My question is: How can I follow both plans at once and make sure I get into fat adaptation while still also planning for my drinking?

When it comes to making sure you are getting your body fat-adapted (and you’re totally cutting out sugar and flour to get to that state), wouldn’t following a drink plan of any kind set you back or keep you from achieving fat adaptation? If I continue having (planned) drinks several days a week, am I just running in a hamster wheel with my journey to reach fat adaptation (even if I am following the NSNF protocol)?

Do you have to cut out drinking alcohol completely for a period of time to get to fat adaptation and THEN start incorporating drink plans? How does that all work in sync with each other?