Drink to celebrate

Hey Brooke! I have been working on stop overdrinking since I started in scholars. I have really improved my confidence in so many areas. I used to think I needed a glass (or 3) to wind down and disconnect from my work day, but have figured out that I can wind down on my own and it allows me to not disconnect from my family too. I used to drink because I felt like I was much more fun socially, but discovered that I’m actually so much better in conversation and more thoughtful when I don’t drink. I also realized that no one else cares if I drink or not. I have huge confidence in these areas.

It is my anniversary today. I planned a drink for tonight with my husband. I have been thinking about it all day which is interesting because I haven’t been looking forward to any of my planned drinks in this way (recently anyway). I have been thinking about why I want a drink tonight and I feel like I deserve it because we are celebrating. The thought that came up that my husband will think I am boring and will not feel comfortable if I’m not drinking. My husband still drinks when I’m not drinking and we still have a great time, so I don’t know why tonight would be any different just because it’s our anniversary. I know that my cutting back on my drinking has made him look at his own drinking more, but it’s not my job to make him feel comfortable.

As I’m writing this, I’ve decided that I’m going to skip having my planned drink this evening. This is obviously an area that I need to gain more confidence in like I have in the other areas where my desire to drink was strong.