Hi, so I successfully quit drinking 6 months ago thanks to SCS…YEAH!!! My life is so much better, that is for sure. BUT…lately, I have been having some longing for drinking. Not enough to make me actually drink, but enough that I feel uncomfortable having the thoughts. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, b/c I hear Brooke say she doesn’t even want chardonnay anymore…and like, 70% of the time I don’t. I guess what I’m wondering is, do you have any thought suggestions that can help me when I’m in the missing it times? I notice that every time a big event comes up (like my brothers wedding or a girls trip) is when I really start thinking about it and missing it some.
current model:
C-Sometimes I miss drinking
T-ugh, I thought I eliminated the desire, why am I missing it, will I always have this struggle
F-Anxious, Sad, Obsessing
A- Spend a lot of time with the spinning thoughts
R- Try to resist the feelings and worry I haven’t really eliminated the desire, spend too much time over analyzing
Thank you for your help!