I decided not to drink so I can have all the energy and mindset to progress my business. Then the weekend came.
I said, I’ll get this wine and I’ll just have a little bit. Then it became, I deserve it tonight. Intellectually, I know I deserve to follow through on my goal, but giving up a numbing strategy is challenging, because it is easier. But I also want to be present for my kids and work.
C: Drinking
T: You were good all week so why not just a little
F: desire
A: get wine
R: Drank more then just wine and feel like crap and have shame and guilt now

C: shame
T: I don’t want to feel this again and this is a good lesson to my body and mind
F: commitment
A: drink water. Get on treadmill. Do a model
R: start again

These kinda are both model versus intentional models.

My new thoughts for weekends are “ I will give myself the commitment to be present and healthy this weekend.”

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