Drinking after 1 year

Hello! I stopped drinking a year ago in June. I did Stop Overdrinking and then read a book Stop Drinking Now. Like much of the things you have said – it is freedom and my life is simply better without it. Now fast forward to today and I am having new thoughts. When I stopped I was dating someone who also drank a lot and much of our life was drinking. Now I am single, gay and in a new city for the last 4 months and LOVE IT! Much of what I do and going out is with drinkers. I have been fine not drinking and have not come up with a compelling reason to drink and then this morning I was thinking of my dating life and thinking ( I know just a thought- HA!) that my dating life here suffers as I am missing out out the “Let’s grab a drink” date etc…… I have been considering starting drinking again but I know other people is not a great reason! HA! Hmmmm. I am conflicted and know only I can decide but would love some insight. You and Chris have been together a long time so you not drinking does not impact him really. I think not drinking does impact my future dating potential (again just a thought but still coming up strong lately. Would love some insight! Love you!