Drinking and weight loss

I have a goal to stop over drinking and lose weight simultaneously. I realize that they somewhat go hand in hand but also my brain is telling me it might be difficult to focus on both. I have been over drinking for 20 years and recently the realization of the effects on my health that this is causing me is really helping me no longer want to drink. I think this goal is more important than the weight loss goal and should come first but I have also gained about 20 lbs since the beginning of the pandemic which I’m obsessed with trying to lose but for some reason I have not been able to. My default is to be obsessed with losing weight. I have mastered weight loss in the past (or so I thought) but I think I just replaced over eating with over drinking. Now that I’m trying not to over drink my urges to over eat are returning.

C- goal to stop drinking and lose 20 lbs
T- it’s too hard to focus on both
F- disbelief
A- question my ability to do both, come up with reasons why it can’t be done, worry that I can’t do both, beat myself up for what I have done to myself, tell myself that there is something wrong with me, compare myself and my past to others, feel regret and shame
R – I make it too hard to focus on both

C- goal to stop drinking and lose 20 lbs
T- I can do this as an act of self-love
F- confident
A- allow myself to process feelings, focus on who I want to be and the life I want to have, practice believing, don’t allow perceived failures to stop me from moving forward, stay future focused, have compassion for myself when I get the urge to beat myself up
R- I reach my goals through practicing self love

Looking for feedback on my models and tips from going from UM to IM. Thank you!