Drinking because I can

Hi Brooke,
First, is October the first date for clients to be apart of a 6 day master class? Again, I’m talking about 6 days to work on myself and not to become a coach (coach training) …if I am correct with the distinction.

Okay so here is what is going on in my head and want insight into this.

This weekend I stuck to the drink plan and yet I didn’t really feel the urge to drink..WHAT!!!! CRAZY!!!!
So I attended a 3:30 birthday party for my 2yr old grandson on Saturday. There were no restrictions in quantity for Saturday or Sunday (I have mentioned before that I am working on cutting out drinking completely during the week…for now). But I did so much scs work the morning of the party and thought “I really don’t have to drink at the party if I don’t want to. I know I will enjoy drinking when I get home with my family later in the evening.” But…at the party I started to have a glass of wine (which I didn’t like the kind) and then switched to beer with the thought, “I hate this wine so I’ll drink beer” (not a real beer drinker). After one beer I stopped altogether because I really wasn’t loving the beer.
So my question is Why did I drink against my will at the party? Yes, I was free to drink but really wasn’t having an urge for it?
Then when I got home I wasn’t experiencing urges but was looking forward to hanging with my son-in-law doing some house design work and finished a bottle of wine (again in the plan). Why? Was it because this is “What We Do?”

Then on Sunday I attended my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday party and again no urges but forced myself to drink against my will WHAT!!
When I got home with my husband, I sat down in the kitchen to do more home design planning, having no urges, drank a bottle as I worked! This is crazy stuff. NO URGES and Yet I drank.

Was this all about, “Well I can drink because its in the plan plus I always drink when doing house planning and I always drink with my son-in law?”
I’m not beating myself up by any means because I was in plan and was aware of the weirdness about it and thought, “Wow I’m not going to let myself get too crazy yet that my brain might be reconditioning itself with less urges.” I’m just curious as to what was going on here this weekend.