Drinking Model

I’m having trouble with my models around drinking.

C- I get off work and have urge to drink
T- I want that, it’s just one, I need to take the edge off, I need energy, I’m not getting drunk so it doesn’t matter, I don’t care, I can do whatever I want, it’s really not that big of a deal..ect
F- Entitled?????? This is where I’m not sure…
A- Drink
R- Continue in my same pattern, reinforce the thoughts that get reward of drinking, do not honor my commitment to myself for, do not achieve impossible goal of not drinking for a year and changing my relationship with alcohol/loose desire

I’ve tried to do some intentional models also starting with result

C- get off work and have urge to drink
T- I know you want that brain but we’re doing something different today
F- Committed?
A- Not have drink after work
R- honor commitment to myself, don’t drink and reap the countless benefits from that, repair relationship and trust with self

Am I missing something here? When I’m in the moment all of the thoughts go right out the window and my primitive wins every time. I feel like I’m losing my motivation and desire to see this through. Is the something more or is it “Just choose to be uncomfortable and just don’t do it”