Drinking Model

Hello…can you guys help me with my drinking model. I want to quit drinking more than anything. I know that it would help me in so many ways. I have great intentions in the morning and swear that I will do it and I actually do it a couple of days a week, but then I give in and have my three glasses of wine. On the days that I am not drinking, I feel like I can conquer anything. Why can’t I get this?? Thank you so much!!

C: Drinking
T: When I quit, my weight will be so much easier to manage and I will have so much energy
F: So much better about myself
A: Never have the day come when I actually quit (actually I quit for a year then started again)
Talk myself into just one more day at 5pm
Beat myself up terribly every morning.
Can’t believe that I am still struggling with this problem.
R: Drink to make this all go away