Drinking wine while on a weight-loss program

Hello Brooke. I seem to recall hearing you talk about how you were still drinking Chardonnay while you were teaching the overeating program and that you had already lost quite a bit of weight. I joined self coaching scholars to stop overdrinking because I believe the wine is the reason why I cannot lose weight. I am 69 years old, 5’2” and weight 130lbs. Even though my weight is considered “normal“ I Bailey I should weigh between 115 and 120. I weighed 108 pounds and was 5 foot four until I had my first child. I have been drinking two to three glasses of white wine daily for many years. I thought the wine was the culprit but after hearing you talk about how you lost so much weight while continuing to drink wine I am wondering if I was wrong. I do not eat sugar, flour or grains. I intermittent fast on a daily basis. What are your thoughts? Maybe I’m not drinking enough water. Perhaps it is the wine. maybe I should be on the over eating program instead of the over drinking.